Is it me, or is this room spinning?

Last Friday, February 1, a prequel to Kelly Richardson: Legion (which opens in full on February 16) debuted in the Gallery for New Media. The three featured works represent a pivotal point in Richardson’s career, during which she began incorporating simple editing and special-effect techniques to capture fleeting moments that are comical, yet disorienting. Thankfully, the artist is a really nice gal, and she has provided us with some great behind-the-scenes insight into her work, and, in some cases, even outtakes. We will continue to feature these throughout the exhibition.

This week, we bring you an abode constructed out of yogurt containers and a runaway tire. In Ferman Drive, 2005, a simple tracking shot taken from the window of a car becomes extraordinary when a spinning house flashes before our eyes. Richardson shot the model of the house against a white wall on top of a roll of duct tape, on top of a turntable. Pretty tech savvy, huh? In The Sequel, 2004, an abandoned tire comes alive and exits stage right. Where do you think it is going? Click on the images above to see more.

Next up: What do Ren, Stimpy, and Kelly Richardson have in common? Stay “tuned” to find out.