What EEZ IT, man? 

Kelly Richardson: Legion opened last weekend and, as promised, we are continuing to feature some behind-the-scenes insight into Richardson’s work.

This week, we bring you Glow, 1998, one of Richardson’s earliest works. The artist wanted to create a video about TV that could also be shown on a TV. This work doesn’t play out like a cheesy sitcom or stagey soap opera; instead of offering the viewer a narrative that unfolds in a traditional manner, Richardson filmed the “glow” of the television from the side. The resulting ambient light reads more like an abstract painting, leaving the viewer to further the content with his or her own imagination. We’ll let you in on a little secret, though—the show playing on the TV when she filmed the work was the 1990s cartoon The Ren & Stimpy Show!

Next up: It’s all fun and games until the guy with the hockey mask shows up.