7 & 6: Robert Creeley, Robert Therrien, Michel Butor

One of Robert Therrien’s ties to Buffalo is the friendship he enjoyed with one of our city’s most beloved poets, the late Robert Creeley. In the mid-1980s, the gallerist Lise Hoshour introduced Therrien to Creeley and the French poet Michel Butor, resulting in the collaborative portfolio pictured above. To create the book, Therrien would scribble images or paste photographs of his sculptures into a notebook, which he would send to Creeley, who would respond by writing poems. A friendship evolved, and the two would make a point of visiting each other whenever they were in the same geographical vicinity.

This portfolio is on view at the Albright-Knox in Robert Therrien through October 27. Come and see how poetry inspired images and images, in turn, inspired the written word.

IMAGES: Robert Creeley (American, 1926–2005), Robert Therrien (American, born 1947), and Michel Butor (French, born 1926). Installation view of 7 & 6: Robert Creeley, Robert Therrien, Michel Butor, 1988. Collection G. Robert Strauss, Jr. Memorial Library, Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

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