… And we danced by the light of the moon

This week we continue to feature Kelly Richardson’s work in conjunction with Kelly Richardson: Legion.

Camp, 1998, is one of Richardson’s earliest video works. She filmed it while camping, from a vantage point behind the campfire, executing a simple and straightforward work that references cinematic sound. Amid the crackling fire, one can hear popcorn popping, setting a scene in which, according to curator Jessica Bradley, “The wonder of the wilderness shrinks like a plastic wrapper too near the fire.” Like many moments in slasher horror films, the majesty of nature takes a back seat to the plot, or, in this case, the soundtrack.

Moving images often warrant closer inspection and Camp is no exception. While filming, Richardson captured what she refers to as her “very own E.T. moment,” which many viewers miss: A silhouette at the top right of a frame (seen in the top video still). She assumed it was a plane, but could it be … something else?

Next up: You bring the sunscreen, we’ll bring the calamine lotion.

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