We’re celebrating Inauguration Day with a look back at the U.S. Presidents and First Families who have visited, or been affiliated with, the Gallery over the years.

Millard Fillmore, who lived in Buffalo for much of his life, was the first to sign the articles of incorporation of The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy (the Gallery’s governing body) on December 4, 1862. He is buried at nearby Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Ruth Cleveland attended the dedication ceremony of the Albright Building in 1905; Lady Bird Johnson visited in 1965; Julie Nixon, David Eisenhower, and Trisha Nixon visited in 1968; and Hillary Clinton visited in 2004.

While William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt weren’t directly affiliated with the Gallery, McKinley was assassinated just blocks away during the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, while the Albright Building was being constructed, and Roosevelt took the oath of office down the street at the Wilcox Mansion.