Show Us How You Experiment with Photography

Looking Out and Looking In: A Selection of Contemporary Photography—which opens tomorrow—features a selection of photographs the Albright-Knox has acquired over the last three decades. The field of contemporary photography is full of experimentation, creativity, and innovation, so we’re inviting you to show us how you experiment, create, and innovate with photography.

Every two weeks, we’ll invite you to share photos based on a different theme in contemporary photography that is reflected in the exhibition. We’ll provide an artwork from the exhibition as a point of inspiration, but feel free to interpret the theme however you would like. We will periodically feature submissions on our website.

Please share your photos by posting them on Instagram or Twitter and include the theme’s hashtag and @albrightknox in your caption. (When you share an image, you are giving us permission to repost it, accompanied by your Instagram or Twitter handle.)

We will post the first theme, and its corresponding hashtag, at 4 pm today. We hope you’ll come and check out the exhibition this weekend to get inspired!

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