Seven Days…a Halloween Mini-series!

Nothing good can come out of a town named Uncertain. It was there, in Uncertain, Texas, on the shores of Caddo Lake, where Kelly Richardson shot footage for her 2011 video triptych Leviathan. As if an installation of almost-static video of moss-covered cypress trees looming over turgid swamp water wasn’t creepy enough, Richardson digitally manipulated the composite footage by color grading the water with undulating ribbons of glowing yellow green and overlaying everything with the ominous soundtrack of a sci-fi or slasher film. What lurks beneath? indeed. 

Image: Kelly Richardson (Canadian, born 1972). Leviathan, 2011. Three-channel HD video with sound, edition 1/3; running time: 20 minutes. Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Franz T. Stone, Norman E. Boasberg and Charlotte A. Watson Funds, 2011. © 2011 Kelly Richardson

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