DECADE Duo: John Bock and gelitin

The artists in our second “DECADE Duo”—John Bock and gelitin—are linked by the processes they use to create their work. Both Bock’s and gelitin’s works in DECADE: Contemporary Collecting 2002–2012 are the result of the artists’ performances.

John Bock’s absurdist lectures and live performances are often political or social critiques that result in sculptures, installations, and films. The Gallery’s work—Urhütte (Primitive Hut), 2008 (top)—includes a film of one of Bock’s performative lectures and a sculptural installation composed of the props Bock used during the performance.

Untitled, 2010 (bottom), by gelitin—a four-person Austrian collective—is the result of Blind Sculpture, a ten-day performance in which the artists created objects while blindfolded. gelitin separated the resulting sculptural installation into five works, including the one now owned by the Albright-Knox.

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