Looking for something to do this Friday? Come to the Gallery for M&T FIRST FRIDAYS @ THE GALLERY—admission to the Gallery’s 1962 Knox Building and select events are free for everyone. The 1905 Albright Building will be closed this Friday, due to the ongoing installation of DECADE: Contemporary Collecting 2002–2012 (opening August 21), but pieces of this major exhibition will be on view in the Clifton Hall Link, Clifton Hall, and the Gallery for New Media.

On view in Clifton Hall, as part of the L.A. Angels section of DECADE, is Liz Larner’s magnificent 2001, 2001, a large-scale geometric sculpture made of fiberglass, steel, and automotive paint. Part sphere, part cube, the work’s undulating forms and iridescent, industrial green-and-purple surface play tricks on the viewer’s eyes. An exploration of mass, volume, and surface, 2001 is both playful and sinister; an extraterrestrial vehicle dropped to earth whose inhabitants might emerge at any time.

The last time this spaceship landed was 2005, so come see 2001 and the rest of the DECADE works now on view for free during M&T FIRST FRIDAYS @ THE GALLERY.

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